FileMover is a small application designed to search and move a group of files, based on the file extension, from one directory to another. You can select to move files found in the source directory only or from the source directory and any sub-directory it contains. You can download and use FileMover at no charge by clicking on the Download link on the right.


However, if you will like some extra features you can get a license for a small contribution. This will unlock some features like listing files and deleting empty directories after you move the files. You also get to support the development of FileMover and allow me to make contributions to one of my favorite organizations, Here are some of the features you get with a licensed version:

  •   …The ability to list the files before you move or copy them.

  •   …The option to delete any empty directory left after moving your files.

  •   …Take it with you in a usb drive to help your friends search for and move their files.

  •   …The option to keep your folder structure when moving or copying.

  •   …The ability to choose if duplicate files get renamed.

  •   …Bug fixes and updates, and most importantly..

  •   …you get to help me fund the loans on to help people around the world!

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or feedback.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find FileMover useful.

Current Version: 1.5 |Change Log

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. The .NET Framework 4 or above required to run this application.