Version 1.5

Released: July 14, 2014
  • Added licensing.
  • Added splash screen.
  • Added progress bar with cancel button.
  • Added ability to list files before moving or copying and save list in a .csv or .txt file.
  • Added more option drop-down section.
  • Added Help Window for search pattern.
  • Added file handling option: Rename files with the same name.
  • Added file handling option: Keep folder structure when moving or copying files.
  • Added Background workers to collect files.
  • Added message that alerts user when the same file name exists in free version.
  • Added update icon and version number.
  • Changed favicon and desktop icon.
  • Changed UI and logo colors (Orange wheels! wohoo!).
  • Tweak: Disabled/enabled controls when processing.
  • Tweak: Modified Info.txt to be cleaner and more readable.
  • Tweak: On ‘ListFiles’ it now checks for valid path.
  • Tweak: Deleted ‘Date/Time’ from reports csv and .txt files.
  • Bug: Fixed progress bar to show as full after transfer.
  • Bug: Fixed “file exists” error.
  • Bug: Fixed multiple running instances.

Version 1.0

Released: Dec 19, 2012