What type of Files can I move with FileMover?

You can move any type of files. You just specify the extension of the files you will like to move on the Search Pattern field box. For instance, if you will like to move all Word documents from a directory you would enter: *.docx , if Excel then you would use *.xlsx .. and so on. See the Guide for more details on how to move or copy files with FileMover.

Can I search the Recycle Bin?

No. FileMover will not pick up files in the recycle bin.

Does FileMover work with Network Drives?

Yes. You can point FileMover to a drive on your network and it will search for the files too. It may take a little longer than if searching on a local drive though.

Does FileMover search hidden folders?

Yes, FileMover will move/copy hidden folders/files BUT it will not change the hidden property after the move/copy. So say if 5 hidden Word documents were moved/copied to another directory, they will still be hidden on the destination directory. The only way to know that those files were moved is to look at the Info.txt file that gets created every time you move or copy files.

How do I get the Advance options I see in your screenshots?

When you make a contribution you will receive a license key. You can then activate FileMover by entering your license key via the activation form. Once it is activated, you will need to close and re-open FileMover and then you will see a drop-down button that reads ‘More Options’ on the main window of the application. This button will reveal the additional features that include file handling, listing files, and delete empty folders options. See the quick reference guide for a visual.

What Operating Systems are supported?

FileMover currently runs well in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP. In addition, the Microsoft .NET framework 4 or above needs to be installed in order for the application to run. Recent versions of Windows will include the .NET framework but older versions like XP may not. In that case you can get it via Windows Update or directly from the Microsoft .NET webpage.

Donation and License.

First off, thank you very much for donating (or considering donating) to FileMover. When you donate you will receive a license key. This allows you to activate the extra options in the preference tab. For your donation you will be able to download application updates as well. For example if you donate $12 dollars you will be able to receive updates for 1 year from the date of your donation.

A portion of the donations collected goes to regular expenses like hosting, domain registration, maintenance, development ..etc, the other goes to fund Kiva.org loans. For every $25 dollars loaned on Kiva, $5 (20%) will go to their administration costs. So each contribution to Kiva will be at least $30 at any given time. Once the loans are paid back, they get ‘recycled’ (relend to another entrepreneur) to help fund their loans. So far I have not had the need to withdraw funds from Kiva and hopefully never will. See my Kiva profile for details on where the loans are being made. To learn more about Kiva and the great work they are doing, please visit http://www.kiva.org. Thank you once again for your contribution and support.